The Broken Islands - Rules

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The Broken Islands - Rules

Post by Guest on Tue Oct 07, 2008 7:18 pm

Well, Revered Chaotic beat me to the punch on the rules for his section, and well, I think that they are a great set of rules as in all, as I'm not that great at writing them. So, Cheers, Revered Chaotic, I follow in your footsteps! The rules are as follows for the Broken Islands:

All Players that choose to take place in any ongoing RP will be required to follow all rules of the host site.

All players that wish to take part in an RP in The Broken Islands will be Required to check the OOC thread, and to fill out a character sheet.

Any player wishing to start an RP within The Broken Islands must first PM the idea for the RP to myself.

ABSOLUTELY no God-Moding! I know this is a rule for the host site, but it's imperative that everyone pays close attention to this one.

I will tolerate absolutely no Out-of-Character insults or fights/arguments. If you have something you wanna say to someone else that someone might find offensive...keep it to yourself, or take it to a PM. I don't care where you take it, as long as it's out of my forum, it's out of my hands.

My Word Is Law. You disobey it, you will receive the full force of my chains, and they are rather hungry for blood


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