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James grins, and prods Haseo towards Treble, making a motion with his hands that clearly said, 'do something funny'. Blinking, Treble looks at James, her shoulders squaring "Dude... I don't do funny on fucking command ya dig?" Grumpling softly, Haseo looks at Treble and shrugs, "He says we're supposed to make some sort of greeting... how's this?" Turns and flares out his wings and splays his talons, "Welcome, my soon to be victims... I'll enjoy ripping you to shreds." Treble jumps back a little, looking at his wings and talons "Oh yea, that's going to be just great Hassi, that way all the new people can see you and know what kind of goof ball runs this site..." Haseo turns and stands straight, arms crossed, "How dare you? I am not a goof-ball. I prefer the term wack-job." Treble steps up close to Haseo, her hands on her hips and leans up, whispering to him, "Well, Wacky Goof Ball fits you just fine." She laughs and leans up, licking his nose. Haseo offers her a small smile at the affectionate lick to his nose, and leans forward, "Well... You're the one that said yes. And Oh God. And more, please." His thick purple tongue slides out of his mouth and up the side of her face. Treble jumps back, her face scarlet as she wipes the side of her face. "Oh ewww Haseo, that's disgusting. I have no idea where that purple tongue of yours has been!" Haseo non chalantly turns and walks away, smirking a bit and says with his serpentine eyes closed, "Oh... yes you do." And, with a cackle, he swirls away in green mists. Treble stands there, her eyes staring at the spot where Haseo had just stood, muttering to herself. "Friggin Freyalin... Gonna have to teach him some manners one of these days... Tongue on my cheek... Pfft..." She turns and looks at everyone entering the Dark Folly, "Well? What are you looking at? Welcome to our home, now get out of here and go Role Play!"
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