Races of the Broken Islands

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Races of the Broken Islands

Post by Haseo on Wed Sep 10, 2008 8:39 am

Sea-Elves: As their name would suggest, their of the sea, but while they hold the name elf as well, by looking at their features, one would not guess as such. The only thing that could even be considered elvish about them, would be their pointed ears. Everything else about them, is completely foreign. The males chins are covered with tentacles, and their faces are almost saggy, like that of an octopus with a large dorsal fin on the top of their heads. Their backs are covered by large shells, each one a rivette of blades, and their arms are semi-humanoid, but for the small outgrowths of either sea anenomea or sea shells. Each finger has a sunction-like cup attached to their tips, and their lowerbody consists of a long, serpent tail with fins. The females look about the same, with the exception of being less imposing, their dorsal fins and shells smaller, with tentacles falling about their heads like hair, often having beads and small shells interwoven into them.

High Elves: An uppity, and snotty lot. Their domain is magick, and they flourish in the magick soaked world of Alulaylaranti. They are a tall, golden skinned people, and their eyes often shine with power that they flawlessly hold in check. They are no strangers to the dangers of the world, and many have learned to take up armor as well as their magical wards to defend against the nearly limitless amount of dangerous creatures throughout the entirety of Alulaylaranti. Despite that, many still refuse to learn the arts of weapon fighting, finding such a thing to be 'barbaric', though they are skilled martial artists.


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