Those within the walls

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Those within the walls

Post by Haseo on Tue Sep 09, 2008 6:46 am

Submitted by possible future denizen, Ghorroj, the Ghorth are his creation completely, and I claim no ownership over them.

Species Overview

Name: Ghorth
Appearance: Thin, long and usually grow to about three inches in length. Mostly they resemble pale snakes with silver-blue, slippery skins. They have black eyes, and their mouths are full of needle-sharp teeth. Their tails have a number of bizarre-looking, delicate appendages which are used to take over the motor functions and consciousness of their victims.
Lifespan: 80 - 160 years
Origin: A formerly dead, parasitic universe known only as the Void. Recently, this particular universe has sprung back into life for reasons unknown. The Ghorth are the remnants of a species that once flourished throughout the Void, but are now in apparent decline.
Racial Traits: Gestation period of six months in a suitable, warm blooded victim. Juvenile Ghorth, once hatched, make their way to the host brain and feed on both knowledge and the brain matter itself. Knowledge and memories are extracted with the bizarre tendrils on the Ghorth's tails. Symptoms in the victim include fatigue and forgetfulness. When the Ghorph is ready, it will take over the conciousness of the victim and 'play' with things. Hosts have remarkable powers of regeneration, due to the parasite's ability to secrete stem-cells that match the DNA profile of the host. Hosts tend to die or become a drooling vegetable when the adult parasite is removed.
Sentience: High intelligence when in a victim. Nearly non-sentient when removed. Adult Ghorth that are put into another host display the same characteristics they had prior to removal, and tend to gravitate to the acquaintances they had before, if only to seek revenge.
It takes the Ghorth a week to learn everything that its host knows.

Additional information: After securing the Ghorth within Cold Harbor, Haseo quickly set to work bringing some of the oldest of the Ghorth into the Dark Folly's labs, making artificial hosts for them, in the same way that he had created many other servants of his, though he has also placed a few that have given loyalty to him in influential people within the world, to have his own agents within governments.

Tel'Qisri (Or simply snakemen): Followers of Haseo that refer to him as a god, and worships both he, his brother Hatake, and Haseo's family as their Divine saviors, and would lay down their lives in an instant for any one of them (despite Treble's obvious dislike of them). The Tel'Qisri are tall and lithe humanoids that resemble greatly serpents, or even some of them lizards, though the lizard-like ones tend to be physically more imposing than the snakemen, and are referred to as the Tel'rawth, a subspecies. They are bipedal, and digitigrade and with knees that bend in the opposite way of humans, adding even more to their foreign appearance to the humans that are often locked in combat with them.

Bandits: Haseo, long ago, created his bandits from pieces of his own flesh, and they are each marked by some white, pallid growth on some part of their body, being the very piece that Haseo had used to make them, and, in turn, identify them. Each Bandits' mark is unique, and commonly they are displayed proudly to all around them, and they boast of how they were the first, but still the most useless. While they are stronger than average men, they are not nearly as intelligent, and are often prone to heavy drinking.

Dread Knights: The Dread Knights are not so much a species, as they are a religious order of worshippers of Haseo, as well as his Elite forces. There are three ranks within the Dread Knights, the first being the Acolytes, whom were dark robes lined with armor, and are often armed with old, and dull weapons, until they prove themselves. The middle rank of the Dread Knights are simply called Dread Knights. They wear large suits of armor that would be impossible for any normal being to wear without tremondous strength, and wield personalized runeblades that become their symboitic weapons for life. Haseo has blessed their bodies, armor, and weapons, making them some of the deadliest foes in all of his forces, second only to the Darkfallen. The Darkfallen are tall figures, each one standing at nearly ten feet, and their skin and hair has hardened and paled to an alabaster color. Their hands long ago lost their fingers, instead growing in their place three, bony claws that are about the size of three fingers bound together. They are extremely powerful, and extremely deadly. Rarely is one seen in combat, and when one is, generally there is large losses on the opposing side as a direct result of this. However, their numbers are few, and most have conceeded to simply being teachers of the Dread Knights and Acolytes.
Again, more to come.


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Re: Those within the walls

Post by Treble on Tue Sep 09, 2008 6:48 am

(If the description is blank that means I haven't gotten around to typing it out. Give me some time and I will have them all up.)

Name: The Brother Hood (Wrath, Rhage, Vishous, Phury, Tohrment, Zsadist, and Payne)

Who they are: A group of elite assassins that do Treble's bidding. Wrath, Rhage, Vishous, Phury, Zsadist, Tohrment, and Payne are all skilled assassins that do contract killings for Demons and Humans alike. The price of the killing differs from each case, though with most humans it involves the still beating heart of one person held dear to the buyer. They are also equipped with deadly weapons, each receiving at their induction, two magnums, which sit in holsters over their chest and four black bladed daggers which are in holders at their thigh, arm, and legs. The daggers are black hilted as well, which does well to hide the glint of the metal when attacking a victim. They also each have a personal weapon. Wrath has a whip, Rhage has a black set of brass knuckles, Vishous has a black walking staff, etched with red runes, Phury has an extra dagger, the blade being brilliant green, Zsadist has a shotgun which sits on his back, covered by his trench coat, Tohrment has a broad sword, the blade a deep purple, that rests on his back, also covered by his trench coat, and it is unknown what Payne has.

Apperance: The brotherhood is all half vampires, half demons, with glowing red eyes. Their looks all differ, but they wear the same clothing: Leather pants, tight black tank tops, leather trench coats, and black shit kickers. Also, at their induction ceremony, each Brother gets ‘Treble’ scribed on their back in Latin. The font being Olde English.

Racial Traits: As a race brothers are generally aggressive, stone cold killers. They are loyal to a fault, and will not hesitate to destroy anything that tries to harm someone they are serving. When it comes to killing, they do not understand remorse, compassion, love, hate, anger, no emotions are connected with them when they are killing. They enjoy sitting back and relaxing though, taking the time to relax and appreciate the things in life most take for granted. Seeing so much death in their lives, the brothers have come to recognize what it means to be alive, and live with everything that you have. (Will add more)

Additional Information: These beings are as high as you can go on the evil chain of command, only two people being higher than them, Treble and Haseo. They are Treble's most trusted advisors, warriors, and evil bringers. No one knows anything about these beings, nor how Treble came to command them, but they are fiercely loyal to the Empress. They are not beings that you would want to cross paths with on a fighting platform.

For a more descriptive post on the Brotherhood, visit The Pit

Djinn- An evil race of genies that Treble commands. They are horrible looking creatures made of rough green skin. Their ears are pointed, and their faces are shaped as a normal human, but they have deep lines in their forehead and on their cheeks. On their bald head is two black horns that are pulled back, running the length of the side of their skull. Their teeth are serrated and extremely sharp. Along their arms are deep green gashes and scars from years of punishments at Treble's hand. Their nails, more like talons, are black and extremely sharp. That is the only thing on the Djinn's body that is visible though. The armor they wear is made of some strange material that is rubber like, yet stronger than steel. It covers their stomach and legs, making them appear bulky, yet it is very easy to move. They also wear long cloaks that trail the ground, with hoods that are very large. The colors differ, depending on the strength of their magic. Red is for basic low level magical abilities, Green is for mid-level abilities, and black is for those who have mastered the Djinn magic’s.




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