With a Child's Innocence

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With a Child's Innocence

Post by Treble on Thu Feb 05, 2009 10:42 am

((The OoC can be found Here. ))

"Ring around the roses, pockets full of posies. Ashes, ashes, you all will die..." The small, childlike voice echoing through the halls of the Dark Folly was soft, innocent, pure... and yet a direct contrast to the demented words behind the gentle sounds. It seemed the Folly had taken up a new, yet to be discovered, occupant. Around the corner that the voice echoed from was the body from which the voice came from, hidden in the deep shadows of the merging of two walls, the dark corner was the perfect hiding spot for the young girl that didn't wish to be found... yet. Perhaps that was a good thing for the occupants of the Folly, for this girl... this child... was no ordinary being. Yes, she looked like a child, what with her cascading ringlets of black curls that hung to the middle of her petite back, and the pools of emerald green depths that had untold mysteries hidden deep behind their innocent gaze, she was nothing close to childlike save for her obsession with nursery rhymes. Her eyes... they would have given her away, had one thought to look close enough, because under the innocence that exuded from them, there was something unnatural... something evil. She was small, barely over four feet, and very slender, petite most had called her. Her skin was pale, and as white and creamy as silk, though none could tell due to the strange garb the child wore. Her entire body was covered by a black, skin tight body suit, all the way down to her calves, and over the body suit she wore a flowing emerald dress, tighter around her torso, and then flowing out around her, around the midriff area. The dress was similar to something a woman of the middle ages would wear, with black swirls flowing down the middle of the gown, which split, a deeper green satin in the middle. On her feet were simple, cloth, black flats with emerald swirls crossing over the toes.

A soft giggle came from the corner as the child finished her song and slowly stepped out, her hands clasped firmly behind her back, as she looked around with emerald eyes filled with a child's innocence and curiosity. "What an interesting place I've found, though I must be careful, there could be dangers abound! This way and that I must look, hmm... I wonder if they have a secret nook." Her lymrics, nursery rhymes, and general rhyming way of speaking was what thrilled her the most, it was something she lived for in fact. Unclasping her hands, the young child began skipping down the hallway as she began to hum a different lymric, her voice following the hum softly...

"It's raining, it's pouring, the deep red blood is falling. You'll go to bed, after I bash your head, but you won't wake up in the morning... It's raining, it's pouring..." As she turned a corner, the girl's emerald eyes narrowed slightly at the sight that lay ahead. There seemed to be some sort of demon walking towards her. He was large, well over six feet, with bulging muscles on his yellowing body. His head was grotusque, maimed and scared, his facial features twisted into a gruesome vortex of pain. His arms, all four of them, were fluid, almost like tentacles gliding through the water, and they too were covered in scars. The rest of his body looked almost human, though there was no disguising the fact that he was not human. His white eyes raised as he saw her, his face looking down on the child, his green tongue coming out to lick his placid lips as a deep rumble echoed from his mouth. "Oh goodie... Lunch." He growled as the stopped directly in front of one another, his eyes falling on her, hunger burning through his gaze.

"What is this that my eyes do see? It looks to be a demon, intent on eating me! What shall I do? Who shall I call, with no one around, he'll devour me all!" Though her words were frantic, the tone behind them was giggling, almost mocking as she looked up at him, childlike laughter bubbling out of her throat. Without waiting for him to say or do anything else, the little girl jumped, her hand grasping around his Adam's apple and pinching so hard it was crushed almost instantly. She laughed and giggled madly as she pulled, ripping it from his throat. Green blood oozed from the hole in his neck now as the demon fell to his knees, so easily felled that he was actually disgusted with his dying body. "How..." he croaked as he went to fall face forward, but the girl stopped him. "Oh no, no no no, you can not go, not just yet. From you I need something, something I still have to get!" Her hand steadied itself directly above the demon's heart as she chanted softly in a foreign tongue that even the thousand year old demon didn't understand, though that didn't matter as she pulled something from him that was surrounded by a deep grey aura. As she held the demonic soul, she giggled wildly, her emerald eyes lighting with joy before becoming completely, one hundred percent black. Opening her mouth, she devoured the soul in one swallow, standing, letting the demon fall face first onto the floor now. "Now I lay me down to sleep, over your death, none shall weep. Since you have died, never to wake, your soul is mine, always to take." She giggled once more as she stood over his body for only a moment more and then her eyes were once more their normal emerald green in color. Turning on her covered heel, the child started skipping down the hall, her soft voice carrying maniacal lymrics as she turned the corner once more... "One two Lilly's coming for you. Three four, gonna hit the floor. Five six, grab a crusifix. Seven eight, she's all full of hate. Nine ten, then she'll kill again."


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