Everything you wanted to know about The Dark Folly

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Everything you wanted to know about The Dark Folly

Post by Treble on Wed Nov 05, 2008 6:15 am

Welcome to the Dark Folly, a sprawling fortress that hovers in the sky above the ruined city of present day San Francisco. For a complete description of the Dark Folly’s appearance go HERE. It is the home to Haseo and Treble Ithen, the ruling couple of the Hell Dimensions; The Dark Folly is a world full of mystery, deceit, corruption, horrifying creatures, nightmares, and so many other things it’s hard to name them all. The actual site is set up into different sections, and to help you understand how the site runs, and how each section goes, I made this layout for you to read. Smile Hope it helps.

~Royal Proclamations~
This section is simple, basic, self explanatory almost. It’s where all the announcements, rules, guidelines, help topics and such are posted. It is completely OOC.

~The Lounge~
This section has nothing to do with the world of the Dark Folly or Alulaylaranti. The Almighty Couch, Graphics Central, and OOC Discussions, is completely out of character as well. The RP Playground is IC though. In the RP Playground you can create Role Plays that have absolutely nothing to do with The Dark Folly, Alulaylaranti, and any characters you have made for that section of the site. The characters for the RP Playground do not have to be posted in The Void as well. Create your own world, race, whatever you want in the RP Playground. Explain Your Existence is the place all new people come to introduce themselves. This can be IC or OOC, it’s up to you.

~History of Your Masters~
This section is solely dedicated to the Rulers of the Dark Folly. Chronicles of the Jack of Blades… is the forum dedicated to Haseo Ithen, his history and personal journal. The Queen of the Underworld… is the same, except it’s dedicated to Treble. The Rulers Sanctum is an area dedicated to the Rulers of the individual worlds. This is where their journals or character history goes.

~Dark Avalon~
The Dark Folly – This is where the actual ‘fortress’ The Dark Folly is; the massive structure that floats above the desecrated city of San Francisco. Any and all Role Plays that happen inside The Dark Folly, even if they travel outside of those walls, will take place here.
The Ruins – This is where the destroyed city of San Francisco is. The Dark Folly floats above the city. Any Role Plays involving San Francisco, and San Francisco only, should go here.
Below They That Are Mighty – This is a place were beings that are loyal to Haseo and Treble reside. The beings, rather demonic, angelic, humanistic, or whatever, have went into the world and started to create civilizations of their own. Those Role Plays go here.
The Outskirts – This is where Americans have created forces to rile against Haseo and Treble. This includes Military, Rebel groups, and Crazed Farm Hands. Also, any Role Plays involving any other part of ‘Earth’ go here.

This section is pretty self explanatory. Alulaylaranti is the ‘world’ Haseo is from. Any Role Plays that take place in Alulaylaranti should go in their appropriate section, even if, during the Role Play, you leave that section, start the Role Play where the journey starts.

~The Hell Dimensions~
Ita Halventaa – This domain is ruled by Treble, her personal hell dimension. All Role Plays that start out in Ita Halventaa should go here. Please make sure you talk to me before starting a Role Play in Treble’s hell.
The Brotherhood – This is the sub category of Ita Halventaa. It is the residence of the Brotherhood, Treble’s elite team of demonic assassins. It is where you can find, and speak to, any of the brothers, it is also where you go should you want to take a contract out on someone’s life.

Cold Harbor– This is the hell dimension run by Haseo, his very own slice of hell. All Role Plays that start out in Cold Harbor should be posted here. Please be sure you talk to Haseo before starting a Role Play in his hell.
The Mansion – This is the domain of Night Creeper, where he resides, carries out his duties, assuming he has any, and does his playing. Anything involving the Mansion should go here. Please speak to Night Creeper before starting a Role Play here.
The Cateotu– This is the cosmic bar. It is the place where you can have Role Plays of your characters simply sitting, having a drink, or meeting up with friends. Anything you want. It is IC with the rest of the Dark Folly, which means you have to use a character posted in the Void, but other than that, as long as you follow the sections guidelines, it is a free for all.

~Other Worlds~
The Dreaming – This existential universe is pure dreams. Nothing real happens here. It is a place to go where your character is having a dream, nothing that happens in ‘The Dreaming’ effects your character as it pertains to the rest of The Dark Folly.
The Angelic Realm – In all worlds balance is essential to life, which is why, in the midst of all that is chaotic in the Dark Folly, there is an Angelic Realm. Any Role Plays that start in the Realm of Angels should go here. Please note: Read the RULES and the GENERAL INFORMATION sections because this realm has different qualities and characteristics than the rest of the Dark Folly.
Silva – This world has yet to be developed. If you have any ideas on the creation of this world don’t hesitate to voice them!

~The Nexus~
The Void – This isn’t a Role Play Section. It is strictly OOC, and is where you will post all your character sheets. You can not Role Play a character unless it is posted in The Void.

This section is where all the Web Sites affiliated with The Dark Folly will be submitted and posted, advertising is allowed only in this area.

~The Writer’s Circle~
This section is for all your personal works. Rather they be short stories, long stories, poems, drawings, it doesn’t matter, if it is your own work, and you want to share it with everyone, post it here. It is also the place to post your Character Journals. These are posts of your character’s day to day life. You don’t have to post every day, nor do you have to make your posts continuous. Start with day five and jump to day thirty-four. Or quote something from a journal your character is reading. It’s up to you.

~Music Player~
This is where the music of the Dark Folly is. It’s self explanatory. If you want to request a song to be put on the play list, put your request with song title and artist in the appropriate place.


If you have any questions PM me!!!

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