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Post by Treble on Tue Oct 14, 2008 2:12 am

Welcome to the Role Play Playground. This is the newest section to the Dark Folly. This forum is for starting and running Role Plays that have no ties what-so-ever to the Dark Folly. You can do whatever you want in this section however you would like to do it; however, there are still rules which you must follow.

1. This forum is under the host site, so mind their Rules first and foremost.

2. You can use whatever character you want in whatever Role Play you want, just post them up in the void.

3. This section is not intended for use reguarding anything that has to do with Haseo and Treble's world. If you want to start a Role Play that involves the Dark Folly, or anything in that world don't post it here.

4. Absolutley NO godmodding Whatsoever! It has been posted ALL over this site. Godmodding is EXTREMELY frowned upon unless it has been discussed with the Role Players and either a Global, Myself or Haseo, so don't fucking do it.

5. When planning and excuting a Role Play for the Role Play Playground please put [RPP] in the title of the OOC.

That's just about it for now guys. Enjoy your Role Playing.


If you have any questions PM me!!!

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