Races of the Mushroom Forest

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Races of the Mushroom Forest

Post by Haseo on Tue Sep 09, 2008 6:52 am

Orcs: These orcs that have moved out of the mountains are not nearly as large as their Mountain Cousins, the centuries of living in a less hard terrain, and with fewer enemies and fights for survival, have caused them to grow slightly diminutive. Their bodies are frailer, but their minds have grown sharper, and they have grown very adaptive, just as the Humans are.

Humans: They are the most varied of all the races. Some are small, some are large, some have light skin and others dark skin (Though the darker skinned ones are more often found in Sun's Gift). They, as a race, have learned the secrets of swordplay and wordcraft better than all others, and often seek out professions as travelling merchants, possessing both the guile to barter for better prices, and the skill with the blade to defend against the dangers of the land.

Dark Elves: Dark in both skin and demeanor, their skin can range from pitch black, to a light brown color, but all with red eyes. They can see in the dark through a form of heat vision, and they also have the uncanny ability of blending in with rock formations, and they tend to gravitate close to the Mountain region due to this, but they refuse to ever live IN the Mountains again, due to feeling that their right to the normal lands of all others has been denied too long.

An'Gelus: (Extremely small number) This race of elven-kind has become nearly non-existant after the War of the Mists, but a few small pockets remain here and there, largely in hiding. They are a tall race of elves, with long pointed ears *each one nearly as long as their hands, and their skin is a transculent white. They fear that Haseo will finish the genocide of their race that he started millenia ago, and out of this fear, they have begun rampant breeding, even forgoing things such as love and marriage for the good of the race, and in an attempt to spawn enough children to secure the future of their people.


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