Races of the mountains

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Races of the mountains

Post by Haseo on Tue Sep 09, 2008 6:50 am

The Mountains are the oldest and most mysterious of the realm of Alulaylaranti, it also possesses some of the older races of the world.

Orcs: Large, beast folk. They are one of the most hardy of races, with a tall stature and a large frame. They are fierce when arrayed in heavy armor. Lately though, they have begun to move out of the Mountains and to the north, but there still remains several clans, who are often led by their shamans and large, fierce Black Orcs.

Aviaron: These people were once very prominant in the Mountains. Now, however, they are not nearly as plentiful as they had once been. Their lead councils had signed peace treaties with the rising Emperor, which in turn caused many of the youths of the

Dwarves: The oldest and most ancient of Haseo's allies, they are a stout, industrious people. They work the mines of the mountains, and the deep places, alongside Haseo's other subtarranean allies and slaves. One of Haseo's enemies, the An'Gelus, had once described the dwarves as, "Short, angry beer soaked beards weilding weapons and covered in tough plate-mail."

Ssrika: The Ssrika are a rat people, indigneous of the many tunnels that lie beneath the Mountains. Haseo has given them complete reign over these tunnels, but to he and his troops should they ever need to use them, after the Ssrika aided him in completely eradicating the Gnomes from the face of Alulaylaranti.

And then, of course, all over the Realm of Alulaylaranti, there are Haseo's bandits. Humanoid begotten of his own flesh, with large frames and scruffy, dirty appearances, stronger physically than most humans, but generally not as intelligent.


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