The Swamps of Alulaylaranti - The New Description

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The Swamps of Alulaylaranti - The New Description

Post by Guest on Thu Oct 02, 2008 5:32 pm

For anyone finding themselves straying into the Swamps of Alulaylaranti, they will soon find themselves surrounded by thick misty fog, thick air that makes breathing a slightly difficult task for those who's lungs thrive on oxygen, and an array of vile creatures that can be found in the Races of the Swamps thread. The ground of the vast swamps are made up of soft muck and crushed stone, which acts very much like quicksand if one doesn't watch their steps carefully. The 'dry' ground is largely overruled by the mass of murky swamp water and bile that sinks into the majority of the Swamplands. These waters are said to be bottomless, though anyone from the region knows that this accusation is not entirely accurate. It is so, in fact, that the mud beneath the waters is so soft, that if a being would drop a body into the waters, the body would, in a matter of minutes, vanish beneath the muck. Denizens of the Swamps have learned, the hard way, that there is no crossing the deeper parts of the waters. The thicker, bubbling and steaming bile, however, has managed harden the ground beneath it's surface to a point where a light being or one with incredibly skill footing may cross it's depths. For travel across such areas where the water is, in fact, water...not bile, denizens of the Swamps have found other means to cross, such as toppling a tree across the thinner 'rivers'. Some reports have even been made of some denizens carrying their dead, and using the bodies as stepping stones. wise, the Swamp is no longer home to the noble. Though once a great grounds that housed both the center of a major religion and multiple lesser ones, the Swamps of Alulaylaranti have been reduced to little more that just that...swampland. The denizens not consisting of the races that have originated in the Swamp are no more than the worst forms of filth. Rapists, murderers, sadists, thieves, and the like can be found scattered about the outer stretches of the swamp.

In the Center, lives the Baron, Szadek Karthro...a Vampyric Parun, banished from a world unknown and given the unique opportunity to 'rule' over the swamplands of Alulaylaranti. Not much is known about the new Baron, as his reign has only just begun.

Farther past the center, to the West, is what is considered the 'Unlived Regions', where the Swamp's Mutations reside. After ages of being hunted by Emperor Haseo's Constructs, these disgusting beings have formed a sort of community on their own, where they have their own stronghold and a small army to ward off intruders. It is the one place in the Swamps that even the Constructs themselves will not venture. The area in itself is a nine acre patch of paradise for these abominations.

-[More will come once I find out just what all Haseo had in mind for the Swamps, or if he likes where I'm taking it so far. ]-


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