Revered Chaotic's Labyrinth

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Revered Chaotic's Labyrinth

Post by Guest on Thu Oct 02, 2008 12:42 am

My Transformation

I have one life to live,
And one mind to waste,
Should I give in,
Or is it too late?

My mind is on E,
And my reflexes fail,
Demons try to torture me,
And I just can't bail.

My soul is in rot,
And so are my nerves,
Like it or not,
I'll get what I deserve.

My end is coming,
And it is so near,
And yet there is nothing,
That I fear.

My soul starts to twist,
And my mind starts to bleed,
I cannot resist,
The demons in me.

True horrors arise,
And they never vanish,
What was once my life,
Has now been banished.

I'm stuck in a void,
Of perpetual darkness,
My soul was deployed,
So my heart has hardened.

I've become a demonic being,
I already know this,
My essence is leaving,
I'm in maniacal bliss.

I'm no longer human,
I'm under a demonic spell,
So set fire to me,
And send me back to Hell.

Original Work by: Revered Chaotic


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Re: Revered Chaotic's Labyrinth

Post by Guest on Fri Oct 03, 2008 4:05 pm

-[Wasted Life]-

Once again the drugs lay claim,
Still these habits win over my will;
Once again I take the drugs,
To make the world stand still.

I know this shit's bad,
And that it ruins my life;
Yet I just sit back,
And take it all in stride.

Eyes wide open,
Without a wink of sleep;
I can only sit and think,
Of what these drugs do to me.

I kick my own ass,
For doing this again;
Now it's just a habit now,
No longer a binge.

Snorting all these pills,
And doin' all this blow;
My body's now a time-bomb,
That is soon sure to go.

Countless poems wrote,
About this user's life;
But you can't blame me,
I've nothing else to write.

Now this poem's over,
Pay attention if you will;
Don't waste your life,
On cocaine and pills.


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Re: Revered Chaotic's Labyrinth

Post by Guest on Tue Oct 28, 2008 8:52 am this one I just wrote's not just a poem, it's a tribute. So critique it however you want to...I want brutality. I also wanna see how many people can actually read this the way it was meant to be read.

This goes out...

In Memory Of Sandra Kay Kelley.
-The best Sister anyone could have asked for...
-The most loving Wife a man could have had...
-The most caring Mother a child could ever hope for...
-The coolest Grandmother to ever walk the planet...
A Answered Prayer for those who had hit Rock Bottom, or were on their way there. I never had a chance to tell her what she meant to me. Now, she knows what I'm going through without her...and you will too;

No Difference/The Pain

Sitting here on the couch,
Well passed the middle of the night;
The thoughts rush in, and I realize,
That something's just not right.

I take a deep breath,
And hold it for a bit;
But it's slowly sinking in,
T reality just won't quit.

I've been up for days,
Without even a yawn;
And have began to wonder,
Where it was that I went wrong.

Days turn into nights,
Nights turn into days;
But I remain oblivious,
And can't even see the change.

There's no difference made to me,
Between my Nights or my Days;
The only I know,
Is what takes away the pain.

The pain of the life,
That is going to waste;
It's such a big helping,
It even has a taste.

The pain of never knowing,
What's around the bend;
Life just moves so fast,
It looks like there's no end.

The pain when it comes...
The end that's never seen;
The Pain that I felt...
When it took you from me.

______________________________________________________ that's, hate it, be indifferent...whatever. I just had to do something with it...and I figured that RPGFO would be a good place for it.

|In Memory Of: Sandra Kay Kelley
Rest In Peace: 05/12/1942 - 05/19/2007 |


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Re: Revered Chaotic's Labyrinth

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