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~The Digs~

Post by Treble on Tue Sep 16, 2008 9:07 pm

Treble quietly stepped into the opening of Ita Halventaa, the armor she always wore snuggly encompassing her body. Her long brown curls hung loosely down her back, her cobalt eyes roaming over the bustling area she presided over. There was a purpose for her being there on this day, a purpose she had promised Payne to see to immediately. The brotherhood was in need of a new place of residence, and it was her job to see that it was done. Off to the right there was a vast space of nothing but deep brown rock formations, great crevices wound through the floor, stalagmites rose and fell, but it was, for the most part, just that, an empty space. “That will do nicely.” She murmured to herself. Turning to face the area, Treble lifted her hands, creating a wall of the brown rock, closing off the very large space, a single hole in the middle, roughly the size of two doors, stood open in the middle. Walking up to it, Treble ran her finger through the air as rocks, the same as the wall, filled the space. On-looking demons watched with rapt attention at what their Mistress was doing, but none where idiotic enough to actually ask, so they simply watched. As the hole filled, and blended in with the wall, Treble stepped directly through the stone, what appeared as a simple wall, was in fact a doorway, accessible to only Treble and members of the Brotherhood. Smiling, pleased with the privacy the wall created, Treble set to work on the interior of the space.

Her hands began to glow a steady white with lines of green etching through the white aura every so often as she lifted them and stretched them wide, encompassing the area with the same white glow; although the color was no longer just green, browns and reds and blues and gold and yellows and purples also clashed together as they sped through the room. She stood like this for well over 20 minutes, chanting softly, murmuring and breathing as her magic filled the room and her very being.

Once she was done, her energy completely spent, Treble looked over her creation, her eyes full of happiness at the space she had made, absolutely positive that the brothers would love it. The space was not dark and dank as most of Ita Halventaa was, mainly due to the great ceiling. It slanted on two sides, being very high up, well over 50 feet above the floor, and was enchanted to match the outside sky. At the moment the sky was midnight blue, silver stars twinkling everywhere. It looked, in fact, like there was no ceiling at all, but there was, mainly for the purpose of keeping nasty weather out. The walls were made of light brown stone with red brick splashed her and there, and the floor was a deep red wood, covered by light brown rugs, which were large, but not large enough to cover the entire space. Off to one corner was a very large computer desk, a computer sitting on the top of it. A golden placard that read Vishous sat on top of the desk. Along the wall next to the computer desk were built in book shelves with rows upon rows of floor to ceiling books. Along the shelves of the sections were labels, Wrath, Rhage, Vishous, Phury, Zsadist, Tohrment, Payne. The last section held no books, save for one, and that was a very empty journal. The section was labeled Zaknaun. A great table sat off to another corner of the octagonal shaped room, papers and files scattered along the top, and nine chairs surrounded it. A couch and three recliner chairs were scattered along the far wall, all facing away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the room. They faced what appeared to be a large flat screen television, which was currently blank. Next to the television were two placards reading, Rhage, and Zsadist. Along the last wall, about four feet from the actual wall, sat a pool table, a rack of cue sticks ran along the wall behind it. On the pool table was a little placard that read Wrath. Another corner was a weight bench and numerous weights, the placard here reading Payne. In the last corner the space was blank, meant to be filled with whatever Zak wished it to be filled with.

It was bright in the room, yet the lights were from flaming torches that adorned the walls, and in between said torches were weapons ranging from axes, to bows, to swords, daggers, and guns. Also, etched in a fine silver script on the farthest wall were the words: Ut meus frater , per diligo quod gratia is tractus ego have no vos. A small message from Treble to the brotherhood.

Sighing and stepping back from her work, Treble eyed the space and then realized that… something was missing. Snickering, she lifted her arms as an open doorway appeared along one wall, leading into a separate room with four wooden tables and comfortable chairs. Along one wall stretched a bar, behind it a stock pile of every possible drink imaginable. A refrigerator appeared next to the counter, this also full, but of food instead of drink. She nodded her approval and stepped back into the room, looking around. The room she had created showed just how much she cared for the brotherhood, it showed that they were not simply her minions, but also her friends, the closest ones she had save for Haseo. She was there, to look out for them, as they her; and just as any one of them would lay down their life to protect her, she would do the same for them all.


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