By Death we are Entertained

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By Death we are Entertained

Post by Haseo on Sun Sep 14, 2008 4:28 pm

A camera slowly flicks on, and on it is an image of the underside of something extremely large in the sky. The picture is shaky, at best, suggesting that the person who was holding it didn't have the most steady of hands. A loud breath is heard constantly, like some sort of morbid soundtrack as the picture slowly lowers, to a small group of people huddled around a fire, trying to stay warm in the ever looming shadow. The breathing breaks and turns into a quiet sound that could only be called a chuckle, but there was no mirth in it. The image slowly zooms in on one of the people; A hunched over man, who shakes with a cough. The picture zooms as close as possible, showing the scruffy growth of hair on his face, and a mop of hair on his head that didn't look like it'd been touched in months. It probably hadn't. His clothing suggested that he was from the military, the camo gear and weapons proudly displayed, as though he was proclaiming he could protect the others, all of whom clearly looked like they were just ordinary people. The picture cuts after a moment.

The letters are scratchy and shaky, as if the person writing still couldn't hold their hand still.
I found him... The one that needs a smile in these desperate times. But I can't get to him, not yet. So I have to make due with what is before me... These little scrambling people, trying desperately to grab at the scrabs left over in the aftermath of that thing's hostile take over of the city... I thought it was so much fun. Oh, how the building burned and crumbled around me when that fireball hit it... Setting all the guards, and doctors aflame... I made my escape then... But I took some with me... They needed smiles. Anyways, whatever... They shouldn't be thought of, they're always smiling now, even if the skin is starting to peel and they're starting to stink. They're smiling, like I am. Like we all ought to.

... But that one doesn't smile. He's always so serious, so dark... so frowny frowny, pouty pouty... His dark skin creased with the lines of his frowns, and his hair hidden beneath his wide brimmed hat... I just want to make him smile all the more each time I see him skulking around here...

The image on the camera flicks back on, this time showing a group of people dressed sharply and darkly, each one with scarlet eyes and serious faces. All but a couple of them. The image zooms on the grimmest looking one of them all, an ebony skinned, white haired elf, wearing a dark cloak, armor, and strapped with a few weapons here and there. He was the only one dressed different than the rest, and the sound of heavy, heavy breathing plays out again; Quick, sharp, loud. Almost as if the person's having a hard time breathing. The dark skinned figure of the group didn't really seem to be paying attention... and he looked up suddenly, right at the camera. The camera shakes and loses focus suddenly, as though the person who'd been holding it had suddenly ducked to avoid being seen. The camera clicks off after catching a glimpse of a face, covered by dark, matted and disgusting hair, the only seen feature of this person being a rather prominent nose, and dark, glassy eyes.

He looked at me. Oh, he looked at me! Happy days! Happy days! I want to give him that smile so badly now... I just have to lure him out... Have to get him to come to me... And I've got an idea... I'll lure him through sound... That one has such sharp hearing... And when I get him... There's going to be a smile on his face...


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