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Mature RolePlaying Information

Post by Treble on Tue Sep 09, 2008 6:21 am

Okay folks it's like this... We are all mature adults here. This is why Haseo and I have decided to not have a Mature Section. The entire site is Mature. I'm going to go through a few guidelines here as I have noticed the topic of ďMatureĒ role playing has been brought up in a couple different threads.

First and foremost, Haseo and I are the SOLE decision makers when it comes to what is TOO mature, and what isnít. If one of us says something to you about a post there will be no fighting, no whining, no arguing that it "isnít as bad as we are taking it". Just edit you post as we will ask you too and get over it.

Second, there are a few things that are absolutely NOT allowed in the form of ďMatureĒ Role-Playing. No, and I mean absolutely NO sexual advances involving children. Also SNUFF is not allowed. SNUFF is basically a very vivid rape scene in which the victim dies at the end. Itís not allowed, period.

ThirdÖ Listen guys, I know your mature, I know you may want to involve sexual stuff in your RPs, and thatís fine. Label it in the title of the Role-Play with this.

Name of Title: Contains Mature Content. OR Name of Title: Rated R

If you want to throw a person down and ravish them fine, if you want to shag on a carpet fine. If you want to be a crap Role-Player about it though, get the hell off this site. Add some class to your Role Play. Donít make the whole thing about sex, because thatís not Role Playing, thatís soft core porn, and annoying.

Fourth, Mature Role Playing isnít just sexual. It also includes language, violence, and plot themes. Language is always a weird issue because everyone thinks differently on what is and what is not appropriate. So I am just going to go with what is considered mature and what is not to Haseo and I. If you disagree tell us why and we will either consider it, or tell you to get over it. Something simple like Ass, Bitch, or Dick, is not considered Mature. But if you are going to go into Fuck, Mother Fucker, Cock. Etc. etc. etc. then label your RP as mature.

Violence is also a weird issue. Just because someone stabs someone else doesnít make it mature. However, if you go into strict detail about how you kill them and the effects of said killing, then it is mature.

Thatís all I have to say about the issue as of now. If you donít know if your RP is mature or not please just ask either Haseo or myself. It will save us a lot of trouble in the end if you just ask and we tell you whether it is mature or not.



If you have any questions PM me!!!

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