Vengeance of Wolves (IC)

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Vengeance of Wolves (IC)

Post by Guest on Tue Feb 03, 2009 9:05 pm

He had finally arrived upon this section of the world. He was exhausted, but each step was took with determination. The two bright sun's shown upon the land around, which was near blinding with its reflection across the rolling sand's. The glare had caused him to draw the hood of his cloak down over his eyes enough to shield them. The only problem with wearing a cloak was the added heat. The hood was the only thing over his head, the rest was slung over his shoulders, but even that wasn't helping. Sweat was pouring from his body.

He was searching for something, however. This was no journey of imagination or exploring. This was a journey of Vengence. A vengence that he will take out of the one who killed his brother, Antaric or rather Triac as he knew him. They were close when they were young, having played and spent countless hours with one another, but as they got older, they grew apart. Triac having went into the services under the king, following blindlessly, and Nalvim had followed in their father's foot steps. He had become what one of considered a war wizard. His love for his brother was what was driving this mission. He would either kill the one whom Triac died at, or at least, figure out how and why. He had traced the information down to the Dark Folly and its leader. After enough research, he came to the conclusion that it had been Haseo.

Nalvim stopped for a moment having found a rather large rock with a edge that jetted out, which provided a little bit of shade underneath of it. He stripped the cloak and laid it down upon the sand and set beneath the rock, letting the coolness of the shade wash over him. He pulled up the waterskin and took a long, but the last draw of the fresh water. He leaned his head back against the rock and closed his eyes. Sleep took him instantly, just like a well trained general or soldier would of been able to during war. You get your sleep when you can.


An hour later, however, Nalvim's green eyes snapped open. He shifted his weight a little bit, his hand drawing out the sword at his waist and eased himself up into a stand. His mind shifted through several spells that would not only protect him, but also do quite a bit of damage to whomever had made the sound he had heard. Leaving his cloak underneath the rock, he stepped out a bit more, his eyes dancing back and forth, his head twisting and turning, taking in every surrounding and every moment. It wasn't until he heard the faint click of claws against rock, he did think to look up. The giant lizard leapt at that point and all Nalvim could do was fall backwards, his hand flashing quickly and his lips moving in a subtle movement that helped protect the lizards jaws from closing around his neck.

The invisible shield kept the jaw from penetrating, and he tried to move, but the weight of the lizard as well as its rider had all but pinned him down on the ground. He couldn't mount any offense like this. The human above the lizard spoke in a glutteral tongue for a moment and shook his head. Nalvim dropped his sword and spread his arms out in surrunder, though the pulsating magic still protected him from the lizard's jaws.

He saw several more riders then come from behind the rock each riding a giant lizard as well, some short and stocky, others long and agile. "Take him to the shamans. His spirit is strong," he caught one of them saying, the one on top of him. Keeping the lizard's jaws around his neck, he let them bind his hands behind him and his feet together, putting a hood over his head and tossed him on front of one of the riders to be carried. The rest of them gathered his belongings, the sword and the cloak and went back to their mounts and bounded across the dessert on their reptilian steeds.


Whenever the lizards stopped and he was hauled from him, by a single man, whom was a brute in Nalvim's mind, considering he carried him like a sack of potatoes and tossed him to the sand, which gave a little, but still enough to cause him to groan out. They had placed a rope in his mouth, which kept him from talking, they were a bit more smarter than he though at first.

He didn't struggle with the bindings, they were too good for him, at least, he would let them think. They hadn't took his rings, which was big mistake, but his mouth was bound so he could not activate them by their names, not yet at least. Whenever they removed the binding across his mouth, he would be able to free himself, but he needed to know what these people did.

His eyes blurred into vision as a sack was removed from his head and he saw several older men and woman gathered around him, most of them with cane's or pets beside of them and was looking him over. "He's not one of them. His smell is of another place, not the smell that the mist leaves on others. His spirit is strong, maybe even strong enough to match the Freyalin's. Take him into the empty tent and send one of the women into give him food and water. We'll hold a dance tonight to discern what we should do with him."

Nalvim grunted against the rope, as two men grabbed him and took him to one of the many tents and put down on some reptilian skins that were a bit more comfortable than the sand, but not quiet. He had no choice but to wait. His leaned his head down and closed his eyes, as his medium length black hair fell across his slightly sharp features.

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Re: Vengeance of Wolves (IC)

Post by Treble on Wed Feb 04, 2009 8:44 am

Jasabiel was watching as they brought the stranger in, her crystal green eyes roaming over his bagged face, strong body, and the unmistakable aura of magic that surrounded him. She wanted to rush to him, wash him, help him to his feet... But she help her location. The young female knew better than to intercede with the shamans. She had, after all, barely been back a week. Frowning lightly, she let her mind wander as she watched them carry the bound man into a tent...

She was running, running faster than she had ever run in her entire life, but still it wasn't fast enough. It never felt fast enough. Her long black hair flapped behind her wildly, looking more like water flying through the air as her feet stumbled here and there, her pale, scared legs screaming for her to stop, to rest, but her mind was flying, begging her, pleading that she keep going, never stop. She could never stop...

Jasabiel blinked lightly before shaking her head, the softest of whimpers leaving her mouth before she regained her composure; it was just in time to see Kalen walking towards her, his grim face set, hard black eyes boring into her crystal green ones. "Jasabiel, go tend to him. Feed him and give him water." Lowering her gaze, Jasabiel nodded her head, muttering quietly, quickly, "Yes sir... before turning and walking with a hastened pace, towards the outcropping where she could gather food and the like.

As she walked to gather the things she would need, Jasabiel's mind began to wander once more, though she could have done without the wandering, the thinking, the remembering...

She had been running for days, and it seemed as if they weren't following her anymore, so she decided it would be okay to stop for a moment to rest; collapse was more like it though. As her tired, warn down body finally gave out, the battered woman dropped to her knees, her very being shaking, though what it was shaking of was unknown. It could have been exhaustion, though it could have been fear as well. Whimpering softly, she curled into a ball, her crystal green eyes shimmering with exhaustion, and slept...


She awoke some hours later, though how much time had passed, she couldn't tell. Rubbing her eyes softly, for there was still marks that were painful on her face, Jasabiel looked around, the empty desert stretching on for miles upon miles before her. Standing to her feet, she looked around, her eyes squinting lightly at a deep purple object that was sticking out of the tan sand. "Wha...?" She whispered as she bent down and dug it out. It was an egg, a very beautiful, purple and white egg.

Green eyes went wide in shock as she examined the egg, cradling it close to her body."You're so beautiful... I'll take care of you..." She whispered to it, her head leaning down as her lips pressed softly to it's smooth surface. Jasabiel had never had to take care of something before, though the sense of protection, of warmth, that swept through her was almost enough to bring tears to her eyes. She had a purpose now... There was something in this world that needed her... Needed her protection, her care, her love...

Shaking her head softly, Jasabiel lightly pressed her hand to her throat, almost rushing back to her private tent to check on the safety and care of her egg. It was going to hatch, any day now in fact. She knew this to be true because every so often, for the past two days, the egg had twitched lightly. A grin fell on her face as she thought about the previous night when she had sang softly to the egg, her voice pure, tender, a light in the darkness that the unlikely pair's world had become.


No less than fifteen minutes later Jasabiel made her way toward his tent, her arms laden with cloths, water, food, and a bowl of everything else she would need in order to tend to the stranger. Her hair was piled ontop of her head, a glorious mass of black cascading down her back, her eyes shimmered with... something... as she quietly made her way into the tent, downcasting her look while she set the things in her arms onto the floor next to him. Her pale hands made quick work of the simple bread, cheese and fruit that was on the wooden plate, arranging it and sitting it next to him.

(I'm assuming he is still bound. If not, lemme know and I can change this.)

Reaching onto her side, Jasabiel pulled out a knife, actually feeling pity for the stranger, something she wasn't really used to. "Excuse me... But... If I... If I release your bonds, you're not going to do anything are you? I... I feel that you would be much more comfortable feeding yourself, as apposed to me feeding you..." Her voice was soft, barely above a whisper, and timid, almost hesitant as she leaned forward, her soft hand skimming over his flesh as the knife slid under the bonds, releasing his mouth, and then the rest of him. "If you are hurt anywhere, pray let me know so that I may tend to you." Her voice was as soft as a rose petal as she took the skin of water, pouring some into a small glass and sitting it next to him. Leaning back on her heels, Jasabiel sat, her eyes down, and waited for the stranger to speak, or eat, as it were.


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Re: Vengeance of Wolves (IC)

Post by Guest on Fri Feb 06, 2009 1:44 am

"Why are you doing this Triac?" Nalvim asked his older brother, who stood over his head stuffing what clothes he owned into a burlap sack. The armor and cloak was already put on as Triac finished shuffling through his stuff to get what few things he had into the sack.

"Because Nal, I don't want to spend my life as nothing. I see this as my chance to make a difference and who often gets the chance to serve under the King?" Triac chatted calmly, but Nalvim could hear how excited his older brother was. Nalvim just sighed.

"Just don't become who you aren't...."

"I won't little brother."

Nalvim's eyes slide open slowly as he heard the shuffle of foot steps and the flap of the tent being pulled open, admitting a young woman. His ice blue eyes watched her steps for a moment, before looking up, taking her in completely. The first things he noticed was how pale her skin was compared to the others. They had darker skin, she had pale, something did not seem right about that picture. And then her eyes, those green eyes held something that Nalvim could not place, not yet anyways.

She set a plate of fruit, cheese, and bread down and some water. Upon seeing the water, he realized how dry his mouth was from the rope and the heat that had beaded down upon in the ride here.

"Excuse me... But... If I... If I release your bonds, you're not going to do anything are you? I... I feel that you would be much more comfortable feeding yourself, as apposed to me feeding you..."

Nalvim gently shook his head as a sign he would cooperate and when the bound fell free from his mouth, he moved his jaw to straighten it and to get the cink's out that were forming to keep a cramp from getting involved. Whenever she released his hands, he flexed and rotated his wrists and fingers enough to get the circulation flowing good again.

"If you are hurt anywhere, pray let me know so that I may tend to you."

"I'm not hurt and thank you," Nalvim's words flowed quietly and smooth, he blamed that trait from his father. Even Triac had the same type of voice and he remembered that daily. He reached for the water first, taking a small drink and swishing it around in his mouth to get the dry mucous taste out, but instead of spitting it out, he swallowed. He did not want to be disrespectful, and then took another drink which was cool and tasteless.

"Miss," Nalvim began, ever polite, "Do you know of one called Haseo? I've been a on a rather long journey in search of him and I hope that I'm growing closer." He asked her, his blue eyes taking in everything that he possibly could from her reaction to her body movement. He quietly took a piece of fruit from the tray and pulled it to his mouth, savoring the sweetness that it gave, while waiting.


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Re: Vengeance of Wolves (IC)

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