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OoC Discussions for The Cateotu

Post by Treble on Fri Jan 16, 2009 8:44 pm

Welcome to the OoC area for talking about RPs in the Cateotu. Here you can talk about any Role Plays that are taking place in this section. There are a few rules you need to follow if you are going to to be Role Playing here...

  1. Fighting is allowed in the Cateotu, though only IC. Any OoC fights need to either be taken to PM or extinguished. I don't want to see it, or hear whining about it.
  2. While the Cateotu is a place of Immortals, there is no God Modding allowed unless it has been discussed with an Admin or Global, and the people involved in the RP.
  3. There is no open sexual content allowed in the actual bar that is the Cateotu. There are, however, rooms in the back if you wish.
  4. No open aggression to the Bar Androids. They can kick all immortal's asses.

That's all my rules for now. I reserve the right to add more as I see fit though.


If you have any questions PM me!!!

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