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Post by Treble on Thu Jan 01, 2009 7:34 am

Since it seems we have lost Night, I'm taking this section over for the time being. Let me tell you a little about "The Cateotu" It is a bar, of sorts, at the end of the universe. The only beings allowed in "The Cateotu" are immortals, and all the bar maids are androids. The never ending supply of alcohol is there for the enjoyment of said immortals, and it could be considered a meeting place for those who want to take a small break from the monotony of being never ending. There are a few rules that all immortals are expected to follow while enjoying their time in "The Cateotu."

1. No fighting what - so - ever. Any fights that break out will end in an Android being shoved up both immortals asses, and then they will be kicked out, not allowed to return, ever.

2. No open sexual acts are allowed, this isn't a place to fuck on the table tops, just a simple place for immortals to come and make fools of themselves with drunken karaoke.

3. You may bring one mortal servant per immortal, any other mortals are to be left at home.

I think that just about sums up the rules and regulations of "The Cateotu"


If you have any questions PM me!!!

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