Races of Sun's Gift

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Races of Sun's Gift

Post by Haseo on Wed Sep 10, 2008 8:38 am

Humans: Again, humans have proven their adaptability, and their inner potential. In Alulaylaranti, there is a section of the world that is devoid of the mists that the realm's denizens have grown so accustomed to. And that is Sun's Gifts, where the worlds two moons and two suns can glare down upon clearly, without the shielding (or as the desert humans refer to as a hindarence) blocking their rays out. Their skin is dark, and their clothes loose and breathable. They where dark eyeliner to bock out help manage the rays of the suns, and they often ride large, scaled lizards as mounts to traverse the rolling sand dunes of the desert. The humans are the only sentient race in Alulaylaranti that live here, and they have become rather xenophobic of outsiders that visit their nomadic camps.


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