Races of the Swamps

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Races of the Swamps

Post by Haseo on Wed Sep 10, 2008 8:37 am

Trolls: These savage monsters are malformed, and covered in a moss-like growth, giving them a greenish tint. Intelligence amongst them is a rarity, and the few that do possess intelligence, are rarely above that of a ten year old. And a very stupid ten year old. Creations of Haseo, he turned them loose after they served their purpose in his wars, rather than eradicate them. But he confined them to the most uninhabited, filthy wastes of the Swamps that they would not be a threat to anyone.

Mutations: Freaks of nature, their alements, usually involving growths, sever discoloration, and a large helping of uncontrollable rage. They are dangerous, at best, and genocidal at worst. Haseo's remaining forces, as well as the native inhabitants, work hard to keep these plagued beings at bay and away from larger settlements.

Undead: The undead are some of Haseo's most useful servants, due to their complete lack of intelligence, and complete subservience to his will. This, however, does not stop local inhabitants, even those that call Haseo master, from killing them should one be caught alone in their village. There have, however, been some cases of Undead retaining their will and intelligence, though most remain within Haseo's service. There have been, very, very few reports of some that broke away and attempted to set themselves up as their own power. It never lasts long, however, as they are summarily crushed by Haseo's armies and local militias.

Constructs: Machines. Monsters. Horrible, steam driven mechinations that often force those opposing them to shudder and run, fearing the repricutions of facing the giant steam billowing, creaking monstrosities. One of their arms are large blades, while the other is nothing but a massive shield. These creations of Haseo have been placed in the Swamps to combat the growing number of mutations and plagued denizens. They are unfeeling as they are brutal.


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