The Settlement

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The Settlement

Post by Haseo on Mon Nov 10, 2008 1:09 pm

Right below the Dark Folly rests a small settlement of buildings, made of debris and what appears to be half organic matter of purple flesh, pulsing with life. Curling spines that move and twitch grow from the flesh sides of the buildings. These half-organic buildings are more often occupied by the Snakemen than the bandits, who prefer the simple huts made of stone and wood, or even just sleeping by a campfire. They have not the minds for building.

In the center of this budding settlement, is a large building made of debris but worked by magick and hand to form into a small spire, with a long stair case leading up to its ashen door, marked by a glowing red rune. This is the residence of the two people in charge of the settlement; The Priest, Al'zar Ithen, and the Dread Knight, former human prince of another world, Prince Bal'ul. They rule the settlement for their Emperor and Empress, but they do not so much rule as they organize the defenses of the settlement when a raiding human band comes through. They are figureheads, if anything.

The community is simply left to its own devices, to work and build as they were commanded.

The snakemen have slowly been bringing their lesser cousins, a race of humanoid frog creatures, to work the buildings, often draining water from other sources within the city to fuel their construction and shaping of the otherwise nameless settlement. Over the past few months, construction has begun on building shambled walls, as well as sending the workforce into over drive to complete the buildings. So far, it consists only of the spire, five half organic buildings, and three bandit huts. But it is slowly, and surely, expanding, especially as several zombies and ghouls, ghouls being larger and more sturdy versions of zombies with more reasoning capabilities, have begun to aid in gathering materials.

The defenses, so far, consist of several cars used as make shift walls, bandits and snakemen patrolling the outskirts of the settlement with swords, spears, crossbows, as well as a few carrying the guns of the fallen soldiers (Mostly given to the snakemen due to their soberity). They have also begun work on building towers at each corner of the settlement, where those armed with crossbows are posted night and day.

Also, in the very center of the settlement, is a large green crystal that burns with green flames. This is the transcolator crystal used to teleport troops, settlers, and supplies, from the Dark Folly, though not to. The only way to reach the Dark Folly is through a portal in the spire, guarded by Priest Al'zar Ithen and Prince Bal'ul themselves.


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