Character Sheets for The Swamps

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Character Sheets for The Swamps

Post by Guest on Sat Nov 08, 2008 5:41 pm

Name: Szadek Karthro
Played By: Revered Chaotic
Race: Vampire/Demigod
Age: Unknown/Ancient
Gender: Male
Personality: Secretive, deceptive, and cunning, Szadek is a collected being, knowing full well how to hold back his anger. Though he occasionally lashes out due to holding it it back so often. As an individual, Szadek is possibly one of the calmest to see the face of the plain. He's hard to anger to the point of irrationality, but once he is, there is little chance of calming him again, and it's best just to stay away.
Class: Baron
Written Description: Szadek stands at six feet and seven inches tall. When he bears his fangs, they extend an extra three quarters of an inch. On his feet, he wears Oxblood dress boots, with exterior protection on each; the heels, soles, and toes. He's never seen out of wrap in the public...even though most of the time, the wraps will be only around his waist and torso. His Royal armor has the Karthro insignia on the left breast plate, which consists of a burning full moon, and the Ancient symbols for Parun, and Ancient. When in his wraps, Szadek's body becomes immaterial.

Szadek in his Royal armor and robe
Szadek in his wraps


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