Denizens of Cold Harbor

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Denizens of Cold Harbor

Post by Haseo on Thu Nov 06, 2008 6:04 pm

The Ghorth have been submitted by Ghorroj, a possible future denizen of the Dark Folly.

Species Overview

Name: Ghorth
Appearance: Thin, long and usually grow to about three inches in length. Mostly they resemble pale snakes with silver-blue, slippery skins. They have black eyes, and their mouths are full of needle-sharp teeth. Their tails have a number of bizarre-looking, delicate appendages which are used to take over the motor functions and consciousness of their victims.
Lifespan: 80 - 160 years
Origin: A formerly dead, parasitic universe known only as the Void. Recently, this particular universe has sprung back into life for reasons unknown. The Ghorth are the remnants of a species that once flourished throughout the Void, but are now in apparent decline.
Racial Traits: Gestation period of six months in a suitable, warm blooded victim. Juvenile Ghorth, once hatched, make their way to the host brain and feed on both knowledge and the brain matter itself. Knowledge and memories are extracted with the bizarre tendrils on the Ghorth's tails. Symptoms in the victim include fatigue and forgetfulness. When the Ghorph is ready, it will take over the conciousness of the victim and 'play' with things. Hosts have remarkable powers of regeneration, due to the parasite's ability to secrete stem-cells that match the DNA profile of the host. Hosts tend to die or become a drooling vegetable when the adult parasite is removed.
Sentience: High intelligence when in a victim. Nearly non-sentient when removed. Adult Ghorth that are put into another host display the same characteristics they had prior to removal, and tend to gravitate to the acquaintances they had before, if only to seek revenge.
It takes the Ghorth a week to learn everything that its host knows.

Additional information

These creatures have begun to seep into Haseo's Hell Dimension through small rips in the Voids that connect the many Hell Dimensions of the Cold Harbor. Haseo took quick note of them, and, curious, sent a few of the damned souls that still possessed something akin to bodies to investigate them, with promises of lessening their torment. What transpired next intrigued the Freyalin so much, that he came forward himself, and spoke to these creatures, and the one that would have seemed to be the leader, making a deal with them, that, in return for their service, he would provide hosts for them, both in the form of his enemies that he could find useful if properly controlled, and from some of his creations that are too volatile to be allowed to be left unchecked.


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