Three poems by Mike

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Three poems by Mike

Post by Guest on Thu Nov 06, 2008 4:54 pm

(This is a song I wrote, but it works just as well as a poem)

The night has closed in on us,
We cannot see each other,
We're unsafe in this place, but we can't see past our eyelids,
We could escape, but they'd find us,
We could head home, but they'd find us,

They'd find us,
They'd find us,
They'll kill us,
They've found us!

We have no choice, run or fight,
We can't see, it's pitch black,
There's nowhere to go, they're closing in,
Grab your gun, I'll get my sword,
Together this is our last stand.

Are you die?
Are you ready....for this?
Are you cry?
We are die.

They'd find us,
They'd find us,
They'll kill us,
They've found us!

They've found us, taking aim, pointing, shooting,
We're still here, they missed, now's our chance!

Shoot your gun, I'll swing my sword,
We'll fight them!
We'll kill them!
We've found them!

(This one is more a song I wrote, than a poem, hence the repetitiveness at the end...)

The Tower

Locked in this cell, in the dungeon of Death Tower,
I go over in my mind, the thoughts of how, and why,
And my conclusion is this: You can't control me,
You can't stop me, you will inevitably fail,
I will break free and kill you.

I'm coming for you, you'll never notice,
You'll get what's coming, you'll never realise
I'm coming for you, you'll never escape,
I'm coming for you, go run, try to hide.

The guard is asleep, I will break from your tower,
The thought in my mind are both revenge and freedom,
You will not know it, but I am a free man,
you will not see me, when I creep up beside you,
I have broken free, I will kill you.

i'm coming for you, you'll never be free,
I've come for you, drop to knees and beg forgiveness,
How shall I kill you, I'll give you the choice,
I'm coming for you, so run rabbit, run.

No cell can contain me, no rules will guide me,
No man will stop me, I'm coming to kill you.

I'm coming for you
I'm coming for you
I'm coming for you
So go run

I'm coming for you
I'm coming for you
I'm coming for you
So go hide

I'm coming for you
I'm coming for you
I'm coming for you

(This is my favourite)
This Is A Warning To Brothers

I hear they fly you out tomorrow,
To the sounds of the bombs and the footprints,
You signed up for it, it's your duty,
They've put a collar 'round your neck, took your freedom,
Destroyed your dignity, What will you do?

Will you fight for them? Will you die for them?
They care not for you or your life,
They care not for those you've left behind,
You are expendable, you've become a soulless droid.

Will you be the one to hunt me down?
Will it be you who fires the shot?
Will you mourn when it's over?
Shot down by whom? Your family, your kin,

Is this what brothers do? Protect their own country?
From their own Family?

I warned you,
You wouldn't listen,
I warned you,
You abandoned us,

When one of your own becomes the enemy, would you run?
Could you face them?
When one of your own holds a gun to your head,
would you cry? Would you face them?

You told me,
I wouldn't listen
You told me,
I abandonned you,

Is this what brothers do? Protect their own Family?
From their own country?
You may die for this, you will kill for this,
This amalgamation of guilt and dismay,
Will it stir in your stomach?
Will you tear out your hair?

"I will die if you ask me to" is what you're saying to them,
They could care less, they could care less.

I warned you.


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